Weight loss and diabetes control
Makes you feel full
Speeds metabolism,Controls blood sugar and cholesterol level

Alfalfa Extract

Good bacteria for digestive system
Promotes healthy immune system
Weight loss
Controls high blood pressure and sugar, Reduces cholesterol levels

Beta-Glucan from Yeast

Improved bloodstream
Contains vitamins, calcium and minerals
Cures anemia,Cholesterol support, Diabetes Control

Weight loss and slow aging
Increases blood oxygen
Improves Digestion and intestine movements
Increased metabolism and weight loss
Cleanses liver
Improves immunity, Detox Cells

Vitamin C

Psyllium Husk

Super antioxidant
Lowers glucose, high iron levels
Improves oxygen delivery to cells
Anti-aging and antibacterial
Aids weight loss

Lowers Cholesterol, boosts Weight loss
Makes you feel full
Cleanses intestine and colon
Blood sugar control
Relieves constipation, prevents diarrhea 

Ascorbic Acid, antioxidant
Increases iron absorption
Prevents and treats common cold Prevents heart disease

Melon Nutra 13 Best  Active Ingredients


French Melon

Dietary fiber, Cures Constipation
Maintains healthy lipid level
Reduces Cholesterol and blood pressure
Weight loss by losing appetite

High soluble fiber
Easy water absorption
Helps relieve constipation

Appetite control and weight loss

Wheat Grass extract

Soluble Fiber
Boosts immune system
Lowers blood cholesterol by
Preventing the cholesterol absorption
Treats high glucose, diabetes and cancer

PCO Improves blood circulation
Contains antioxidants
Improves enzymes activities
Improves bone and vein strength

Boosts Testosterone levels
For younger looking skin

Improves high blood pressure
Helps lose weight
Reduces risks of anemia
Healing activity

Pine Bark extract

Guar Gum

Garcinia Cambogia

Konjac Powder

SOD a primary antioxidant enzyme
Enhances body’s primary defense system
Makes skin appear younger
Reduces internal inflammation
Neutralizes Toxins and cleanses Colon

Grape seed extract


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